How to power internet marketing

For 2018 specialty retailers need to make this their New Year’s resolution: Get your internet marketing strategies on!  

This white paper, How to Power Internet Marketing: 7 Questions to Help Your Get Started, will help you do just that.

Today there are some 3,793,621 retail establishments in the United States, and nearly 99% count as small businesses with less than 50 employees, according to the National Retail Federation. Poll these retailers about what keeps them up at night, and it won’t be the 1% of the nation’s biggest retailers.

It is the competitive threat from online retailers, most especially Amazon, with its 90 million and counting Prime members.

In this Age of Amazon, one thing is critical: Retailers need a strong digital presence. Even if you don’t sell online, you need to be online to engage customers throughout their path to purchase which most often starts on the internet.

This white paper asks 7 simple questions to help retailers assess their online marketing prowess and provides helpful hints and tips for how to implement best practices internet marketing strategies in their businesses.