In survey after survey among specialty retailers conducted by Unity Marketing two concerns rise to the top of retailer’s greatest need that is limiting their growth:

  • How to find new customers (i.e. marketing)
  • Rising costs of doing business (i.e. accounting)

These concerns are intertwined, as the rising cost of doing business severely limits the amount of money a retailer can use to reach out and market to a wider audience. Fix the cost of business problem and you can fix the other by making strategic investments in marketing.

In her work with small businesses and her accounting training, Janette Press knows that the starting point for businesses to control their costs is by implementing a rigorous program of cash flow management.

To help you understand the principles of cash flow management and how to implement them effectively in your retail business, she has written a white paper entitled Crash Course in Cash Flow Management.  Complete the form to download your copy and get started managing the costs of doing business so you can free up money to invest in your other priority: finding and attracting new customers. Let’s get started today.